for staying with us durging the winter season 2013/14.


We are ready!

Blick nach Obergurgl.

The skiing season in Obergurgl begins soon.

Indian summer

Das Rotmoostal

Autumn in Obergurgl

Spring in Obergurgl

Frühling in Obergurgl

So beautiful is Obergurgl in June.

January 2013

Obergurgl, der Diamant der Alpen

...very cold, great snow, beautiful.

News from Obergurgl

Obergurgl in December 2012. Great snow, great view!

Begin of the skiing season 2012/13

Zum Saisonanfang ein traumhaftes Panorama auf der Hohen Mut

14.11.12   The Hohe Mut is one of the most beautiful places in Tirol.

Begin of the skiing season 2012/13

Blick vom Festkogel Richtung Süden

11.11.12   Great view from the top of the festkogel.

Begin of the skiing season 2012/13

Winterbeginn 2012 in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

06.11.12   On November 15th the skiing season begins in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. There is already lots of snow. We are looking forward to the winter.

Hiking on the Hirzer 2781 m above sea level

Wanderung auf den Hirzer 2781 m

Hiking on the Hirzer 2781 m above sea level

03.10.2011-A rewarding excursion to South Tyrol

The Hirzer is approximately a 1-hour car drive away from Obergurgl and is the highest mountain of the Sarntal Alps at 2781 m above sea level. The first part of the climb can be accomplished with the Hirzerbahn lift. After reaching the top station, the rest of the journey is on foot...

A refreshing break at the Gompmalm is well worth while after descending via the Hönigspitz.

Schalfkogel 3540 m above sea level

Schalfkogel 3540m

28.08.2011 - Tour to the landmark mountain of Obergurgl with Andrea and Martin

Sunrise on the Hangerer 3005 m above sea level

Sonnenaufgang am Hangerer

22.08.2011 – The early start was really worth it!